Laser Skin Treatments

Red Vein Removal (IPL Laser)
For face and legs using IPL laser, the short, safe bursts of laser light emitted from the ellipse flash lamp will quickly remove red veins from your face and legs in 1 - 3 treatments. The light from the laser flash lamp is safely converted to heat in the capillary / vein which will cause the vein to disappear during treatment.

Photo rejuvenation (treat sun-damaged skin, face & neck, chest & hands, or any sun-damaged body areas)
80% of skin aging is caused by UV rays - fact
Most people would like to keep a young and fresh look forever
As our skin ages due to excessive sun exposure and decreased collagen production. Skin rejuvenation treatment with IPL will help you maintain a younger and fresher look. The safe, visible light emitted from the Ellipse flash lamp makes your face look smoother by removing age spots, Freckles, diffuse redness and improving your skin texture by stimulating collagen production, refining open pores and evening skin tone.

Acne & Acne scarring
At some point in our lives we will all get outbreaks of acne. Some people think the incident of acne is higher if you eat food like chocolate or French fries and others think presence of acne is poor hygiene but neither is true.

Acne is caused by the body's increased production of the hormone androgen present in both male and female which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The increased production of oil causes the pores to become blocked so that the oil cannot come up to the skins surface. The acne itself is cause by skin bacteria that feed on the breakdown of this oil. As bacteria multiply waste products and sebacic acid are created and sebaceous gland becomes inflamed causing what is known as a blackhead, whitehead or spot but now with the clinically tested and safe Ellipse treatment - help is at hand. The light from the IPL flash lamp heats up the haemoglobin in the fine blood vessels that supplies the sebaceous glands. This creates a healing within the sebaceous glands and rectifies the over production oil that leads to Acne.

Rosacea / Skin Redness
IPL Laser radically reduces redness & breakout activity. When these vessels are targeted with IPL they are heated up destroyed within a through 1000th of a second.

Pigmentation, Freckles and Age Spots
Sun damage results in age spots, freckles and pigmentation. These can be effectively treated with IPL Laser light. During treatment the pigment is heated up by the light emitted from the laser flash lamp which causes the pigment to dry out and disappear from the skin.
When pigmentation is treated with the IPL laser light the pigment becomes slightly heated and removed with the treatment.

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